Pinarama Bowl Lanes

5008 South Dale Mabry Blvd

Tampa, FL 33611
Phone: (813) 835-7665

Pinarama Bowling Leagues

Pinarama is proud to support a number of different bowling leagues. From youth to senior leagues, Pinarama is committed to ensuring that our lane conditions and league play are second to none in the area.  We have leagues Monday thru Friday.

PLEASE CALL FOR LANE AVAILABILITY.  We do have limited availability in the evening.

If you're interested in participating in one of our leagues, please contact us, and we’ll get you started and ready to compete.


Mondays- Stryke-Outs starts 7pm New season starts 6/8/20                      LAST WEEKS STANDING

  • 4 person teams
  • Non Sanctioned fun league
  • 12 weeks long
  • $15 per person each week


Fat Tire Tuesdays- 4 Person team league starts 12/1 at 7:00pm

  • -12 Week League
    -$15 per person each week
  • -4 player teams (any combination of male/female/average)
  • -Handicap is based on 90% of 220
  • -Prize money paid to everyone at the end of the season
  • -USBC Sanctioned League
  • -Added prize fund money has been secured from sponsors!

Wednesdays- Blue Point Doubles  7:00pm            LAST WEEKS STANDINGS

  • 2 person teams
  • Sanctioned League
  • 12 weeks long
    $12 per person each week

Thursdays- Thursday Morning Seniors Meeting 8/6/20 & Starts 8/13/20      LAST WEEKS STANDINGS



Call us or stop in for details!